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Marketing Material

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Thieves and Kings

Thieves and Kings is a fantasy fiction novel telling the story of the small plane, known as Rogue's Phoenix. With mystery surrounding how everyone found their way to this plane, no one is truly safe. A local thieves' guild initiate a plan to overthrow the two kingdoms. Follow Prince Ryddin McRuine and his squire Dylen Debaskin as they strive to stop the plan of the thieves' guild and save the kingdom.

Other Material

Cataclysm: The Divide: Book One

Some of my friends

Zavier Alexander

Zavier is a fellow Missouri writer and has a way with short stories. Don’t believe me? Feel free to check him out at

LJ Hachmeister

LJ is a sweetheart. She writes in Science Fiction as well as romance. She created the Tolarian series which is a great space story that will take you far into the blackness of the universe. Great character development and storytelling come from this lady.


Aaron Michael Ritchey

Aaron hooked me with a story based in a post economic future dystopian novel that is set in America. The story has been described as Little house on the prairie meets Mad Max. It is a delight to read and hard to put down. Check him out on his sites. 

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