The Divide – Update

With summer here and the relaxing moments on the deck I’ve been able to get in some much needed writing. Tonight I finished a long chapter that turned into two. I started my final chapter that, with any luck, I can finish tomorrow evening. After that I have a couple of quick chapters to clean up followed by an epilogue. Then I will have the rough draft completed for The Divide: The Tower.
I am excited to get this book into the hands of my beta-readers for a second look before edits. At this time I am looking for five to seven individuals who can read the book and give back notes on continuity, grammar and punctuation and overall flow of the story and characters.
If you are interested let me know. I don’t want to pass it out as light reading. There will be some flaws and I am hoping to use these beta-readers to help me to locate them. I am also looking for people who have the time to read the book in a timely manner as I am still hoping to hit the goal of end of summer for a release. I have already began working with my illustrator on a cover design and will share when I have some to do so.
Thanks for following me in this writing journey. I will have one more supplemental chapter to drop next week so be on the lookout for that.

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