Country aint just for Country

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I recently stumbled across some news that floored me. I have been a long time LIT fan. Growing up a friend related to a band member gave me a tour shirt from when they released A Place in the Sun. I learned recently that after some trials and tribulations that the band decided to do a re-imagining of themselves and made the jump to country. After seeing Darius Rucker already do this and having to say goodbye to any desire of a new Hootie & the Blowfish Album (although they still do tour for those of you interested), this news was hard to swallow. Then I started to think about it. Modern day county has this folk-indie feel in a lot of ways with a healthy dose of alternative styles. the county I grew up hating in spite of my mom and relatives is not the county of today.

I relate this to my work as an author. I love the fantasy fiction worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien, R.A. Salvatore and Terry Goodkind(For a long time my daughter was going to be names after Kahlan). I also have a love for space themed stuff thanks to Star Wars and Star Trek(Yes I ride the fence). I have been delving into a lot of the Star Wars books as of late. A friend of mine that some of you may know, LJ Hachmeister writes in this sort of world as well. I have been thinking about playing in this style and beginning an epic science fiction story as well.

I am also a fan of A.American and the Going Home series. I have found a love for this post economic collapse/post apocalyptic style as well. Of course my infatuation with this started early with Mad Max, Water World and the zombie infused George A. Romero zombie movies.

I suppose where I am going with this is a piece of advice for those of you who feel you have to put yourself in this little box that describes you and what you can do. Do what you love and don’t let social decorum dictate you. be the best you in whatever world you want to play in. I write in the world that best speaks for the story I am in. I have written in several elements and genres and absolutely love to try new things. I may even become a country fan (when Eve 6 or Matchbox 20 given in and jumps genres.)

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