Delta-Six – Update

I have played in Fantasy with the Rogue’s Phoenix books.

I played in post-economic collapse with The Divide.

As of tonight I can say that I have now concluded the initial story for a Young Adult science fiction story.

It is tentatively titles Delta-Six.

I am open for suggestions. At this time I have played with the following…

Black Ocean, Endless Ocean (Can’t use Star Ocean) as the main character describes space similar to the vastness of an ocean at night.

The tentative title is because he is part of the Delta-Six squadron once he joins the military in space.

Please let me know if you have some fun ideas. Perhaps you may have a scenario that may play well in this environment. Maybe you have a new title idea. Maybe a character of alien race you would like to see in the book world. I have some ideas and know where book 2 will go, but I can see this as an ongoing story arc. I would like to put together a good 5-6 books that tell a large arc while each individual book has smaller arc that conclude within the story itself.

In the meantime, another book done and ready for editing and book design.

I may get three books out this year. A-Whoo-Hoo!

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