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The Tower – update

As many of you know I have been done writing The Tower and had moved into the editing phase. I have received some great feedback from the beta readers and the publishers. I have dug through the book and cleaned it up. I taught myself how to format the book layout and it is done. Now I just wait for the illustration to come back for the full book layout. When that is complete I will be uploading it and making sure there are no issues with the printer. At this time the book is slated to drop on October 30th. The book will be available on Amazon for digital and paperback. Please take the time and pass this around. Let’s see if we can get some sales on this. If you have any friends who have not yet taken a look at Cataclysm, feel free to send them a link to it as well. 

I am also working with my illustrator for a new cover design for Rogue’s Phoenix and will start to edit book two (The White Orc) soon as well. 

As things move forward I will be hosting some of my author friends to help show you some more material for you to fill your brain with. In the meantime, go check out LJ Hachmeister and Aaron Michael Ritchey. I will throw links to some of their material below. 

I will be officially attending the Joplin Public Library’s Writers’ Faire on October 27th. Come on down and join in on the fun. 

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