Zavier Alexander - A sit down

I was able to sit down with my good friend, Zavier Alexander. One of my oldest writing friends, we met in college and he has truly been one of my favorite people since.  Take a few moments and read the interview…..

I have bookmarks

The bookmarks have came in. I will have them for the Joplin Writer’s Faire. Come on out and receive yours. I wanted to give a special thanks to the designer of these. Jon Stubbington. If you are looking for some illustration or design work give him a shot. Click the button below to be taken to his page. Tell him Tommy sent you.

Mental Health Day - has a different look

With all of the other changes happening with the website overhaul and releasing of The Tower I decided that there were some other items that needed some attention. Therefore, Mental Health Dayhas received a makeover. 

I need your help

As many of you know I have been done writing The Tower and had moved into the editing phase. I have received some great feedback from the beta readers and the publishers. I have dug through the book and cleaned it up. I taught myself how to format the book layout and it is done. 

Country aint just for Country

I recently stumbled across some news that floored me. I have been a long time LIT fan. Growing up a friend related to a band member gave me a tour shirt from when they released A Place in the Sun. I learned recently that after some trials and tribulations that the band decided to do a re-imagining of themselves and made the jump to country. 

I need your help

Hello one and all,

I have been doing some digging and found that I need more reviews of my stories. The more reviews I have the better chances that my stories will be suggested to visitors of Amazon.

The Divide - Update

The first draft is done!

The Divide - Supplemental 11

This is it. The final supplemental chapter to The Divide: The Tower. As I wind things down I will be sending this off to the Beta readers and get some edits coming back. I will post some updates along the way. Without further adieu… 

This is a chapter from book 2. It is a chapter that will tell a partial story of the days of Sanctuary. It may be a spoiler to those who have not yet read Cataclysm.

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