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Cataclysm is a post economic collapse novel based n a fallen America. The characters attempt to survive each day. When the past comes back to haunt Stuart, the group’s leader, things start to get more dangerous than they could imagine.

The Tower continues the story of the characters from the previous book. With the group thinking they are safe they search for a refuge. Quickly finding it the group spends time searching the surrounding area and even learn of The Tower, a tall building hidden away behind the walls of Columbia.

Thieves and Kings is a fantasy fiction novel telling the story of the small plane, known as Rogue’s Phoenix. With mystery surrounding how everyone found their way to this plane, no one is truly safe. A local thieves’ guild initiate a plan to overthrow the two kingdoms. Follow Prince Ryddin McRuine and his squire Dylen Debaskin as they strive to stop the plan of the thieves’ guild and save the kingdom.

Mental Health Day tells the story of a young man who has let his life fall into a slump. He is stuck in a rut and seems to be content with it. His friends see just how rough his life is and take him to the lake for the weekend. Will Ethan find his bliss or remain in the comfort of his very own rut?

Tommy Clark is a writer in many worlds:

Not wanting to be an author of a single style, Tommy strives to write in multiple environments. Among these are Fantaasy Fiction, Science Fiction, post apocolyptic/economic collapse and even steam punk. Telling the occasional story in the modern world Tommy finds a way to write different stories to cross all platforms.


In addition to writing Tommy like to be outdoors. He spends his summers fishing, camping and boating with his family. In the cooler months he camps and hunts. Tommy is an amateur survival enthusiast and using his knowledge to blend typical survival methods into his stories. 


Below are some sample questions I have been asked.

When did you know you would grow up to become a writer?

I just sort of fell into it. I did theatre in high school. I did forensics and did improv for competition. In college, I started to work behind the scenes and eventually wrote, directed and produced a movie for the student one-act show. After that, I just couldn’t stop.

What actually makes a great character, in your opinion?

Someone the reader can relate to. Whether they love the character, hate the character or enjoy what the character brings to the story. I believe my favorite type, no matter the genre, is the comic relief. That character can keep a person reading even if the story slows a bit.

Tommy, do you think people love to hate some characters?

I am going to show my “nerd” side here but, I love watching Wrestling. I enjoy it for the same reason most men do. I love the storyline element as well as the finesse of the characters. I do not watch UFC because I am not a fan of real fighting. I love the stylized and over the top version. With that being said, many people would agree that your “Face” character is only as good as the “Heel” he is up to. There are some wrestlers who you don’t like and don’t want to see wrestle. But there are some wrestlers you love to hate. I have seen shows or read stories where I have absolutely hated a character. Terry Goodkind has done a fantastic job at this with his Cara character. Anyone who has taken the time to read his work knows exactly what I am talking about.

 Interesting comparison, Tommy. So, let me ask you, have you ever read another writer’s work and thought, “Hell I can beat that.” What is bad to you? 

To me I don’t believe there is “bad” in writing, or movies or television for that matter. I believe that there is 
just some material that is not for me. Now with that being said, and I have made this mistake, if a piece of work hasn’t taken steps to provide a clean read with minimal error, that might be “bad” in my mind. I am not the best reader, but seeing many errors back-to-back makes me not want to continue.

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